Cliché it may be, but even the most savvy marketeers are frustrated when it comes to navigating their way through today’s ‘communications jungle’. It seems our time poor, information saturated consumers are demanding more from their brands, and more from the marketing messages they choose to engage with.

With these common challenges, the quest to­­ find new customers and retain existing ones is an ongoing struggle. The difficulty is successfully engaging an audience using the right medium, at the right time, with a targeted message that speaks personally to them.

Sound difficult? That’s where we come in.

Stand and Deliver is a new generation of strategist. We combine technology with marketing know-how, add the expertise of a manufacturing background, and mix it with a very large twist of humour, humanity and good old fashioned customer service. We take time to understand your pressure points and the profile of your ‘ideal customer’. We’re driven by helping your business find new customers and get the most from their existing ones.

We’re here to take the guess work out of outbound, multi-channel marketing.

Take the guess work out of marketing.

Stand and Deliver have their sticky finger in ALL pies. Experienced in planning, ROI and concept strategies, right down to the nuts and bolt of print and mail processing.

A close knit team that thrive on finding the right solution, every time.

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